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From CPU's to graphics cards, you will have all information on this hub. If you want to choose
the best graphics card or want to buy an awesome computer case, then I am here to help you.

How to get the best graphics card?

This is a short guide on how you can get the best graphics card for your money. A graphics card is a computer component which helps to display the images and on a computer monitor. The pixels, icons, graphics you see is the result of graphics that is processed by your CPU or GPU. Generally, many CPU come with inbuilt graphics unit but those aren't enough for playing games with good framerates. So you need a graphics card for this purpose and they are the most expensive parts in a PC.

To buy a good graphics card you need to follow the following points:-
1. Define your budget:- When you shop first think twice about how much you are spending and how much you have got. If you have no limit on cash, then that's good but most of us don't have an unlimited amount of cash. So, we first have to define our budget. A decent graphics card will cost you at least $200. A high-end graphics card will cost you more than $400 and an extremely high-end graphics card can cost you more than $700. So, it depends on how much money you have got.

2. Your Goal:- Next comes, the GOAL. It can be defined as your expectations from the graphics card. Do you want to play on 720p with 30+fps? or you want 1080p 60+fps? or even higher?
So, when you make a goal in your mind, you will be able to choose your graphics card easily because now you don't have to spend more or less on getting your expectations done.

3. Good System:- When you have $500 cash in your pocket to buy a GPU, just don't go and buy a high-end graphics card, instead first take a look at your main system and what CPU you have and how much memory you have. Because if you combine a low-end system with a high-end Graphics card, then you will not be able to take full potential of your graphics card and will suffer stutters and low fps.

Conclusion: These three points will lead you to buy a great graphics card and you will enjoy your games even more.  

How to choose the best CPU for gaming?

CPU is the brain of a computer and without it, no computer will work. A computer can work without a graphics card which is the most important part of gaming computer but without CPU, it's not possible. The more powerful your CPU is, the more benefit will you be able to take from your graphics card. 
It's a simple thing. A processor takes most of the load of your computer while you are gaming, surfing, editing videos, managing files etc. A graphics card may or may not work in certain applications but a CPU is always working. So, how should you choose your CPU? Following are some great tips:-
1. Always invest more in CPU in starting so that you can upgrade every component without any problem. 
2. Do not go for overkill CPU. Always be balanced. The best way to spend on a CPU is a 20/80 method by which you have to use 20% of your funds on your CPU alone and rest on your system. 20% is the least and you can go up to 30%. 
3. Buy at least a quad core processor because as games are more demanding now than ever before, it's really obvious that future games will utilize 4 or more cores and you will have no room for multitasking. 
4. Always compare between two CPU's that come at the same price before you buy. It will help you to choose the best gaming CPU for your money. 

How to buy a Good motherboard?

A motherboard is a computer part that connects every other computer part to each other. It doesn't directly perform the operation going on your system screen but it works in the backend by giving support to all of your components. That's why it's called motherboard. 
Just like every other component, there are many things that depend on it. Although, it's not as important to concentrate on a motherboard than on a CPU or graphics card but if you use an unlocked CPU or an overclockable RAM then you need to take a look what the motherboard you are going to buy promises. 
For getting a good motherboard consider following points:-
1. Do not go for an overkill motherboard. If you are building a budget gaming RIG try to get a basic motherboard if you are not going to overclock your CPU. 
2. In case you are going to overclock your CPU, always select a motherboard which supports overclocking. In case of Intel, z370 motherboards support overclocking and in case of AMD, both B350 motherboards and X370 motherboards support overclocking. 
3. Check the VRM section carefully. If it has good heatsinks then go for it in case you want to overclock your CPU but if you are going to use a locked CPU, then there is no need for it. 
4. Always check how many ports, slots and headers a motherboard has for future upgradability.